Sexy and Sultry in Brazilian Swimwear

Brazil is known as the mecca of sultry physical appeal. People there are beautiful and their Brazilian swimwear is often exposing, vibrant, and trendy. It seems that Brazilian cut swimwear is often the envy of all other cultures not in South America. But what makes their swimsuits so great? Let’s take a deeper look.

What makes Brazilian swimwear different

The cut of the Brazilian swimsuit is the major difference between it and regular swimsuits. The alluring lines and captivating V-shape are the hallmarks of the Brazilian swimwear. You will see high bikini lines hugging the hips with a low cut front on the bikini bottoms and ample-to-scanty coverage of the bosom as a bikini top.

Men enjoy wearing the Brazilian swimwear briefs. These are quite liberating, exposing, and are generally used in pose competitions for bodybuilding. They are snug and typically require added personal grooming in order to look appropriate and clean.

Popular Brazilian swimwear brands

There are numerous Brazilian swimwear brands. They each carry their own design trademarks and certain styles. In terms of the best, that is all relative. Since everyone has his/her own needs and wants from a swimsuit, the best brand is left for you to decide.

  • Tori Praver Coco
  • Calvin Klein
  • DiNelia swimwear
  • Cia Maritima
  • Clube Bossa
  • Sauipe swimwear

You will find different linings, custom prints, patterns galore and even cuts that differ from brand to brand. There are constantly new designs rolling out since each swim season ushers in a demand for new looks. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the latest fashion trends so you purchase the right swimsuit for the season. There are a lot of swimwear you can choose from. Aside from Brazilian swimwear, there are monokini swimsuits and slimming swimsuits you can wear  or purchase. For your shopping guide, below are the essential tips for you to choose the best swimwear.

Shopping guide for Brazilian swimwear

1. Consider your body type. It is important to consider first if your body is right for Brazilian swimwear. Where many of the designer fabric cuts and shapes leave little to the imagination, you must be comfortable with your body. A lot of skin will be exposed with this type of swimwear. Even mens Brazilian swimwear can be a bit inappropriate given certain culturally and geographically accepted norms so take caution.

2. Shop from reputable retailers. If you are shopping online, steer toward established brands. Locate the brand website or use the large retailers such as Amazon to locate your favorite Brazilian bottom swimwear styles.

3. Examine your purchase protection. Research your options for exchanges, refunds, and returns. You don’t want to order your bikini or men’s bottoms and find they fit poorly. Worse yet, you’ll want to make sure you have recourse should they be lost during shipping. If you’re buying from a store, ask them about the return policy.

4. Shop the price. Think you found the best price? Think again. Many times you can find coupon codes offered online at your favorite swimwear sites or online retailers. You should always invest some time searching for a better deal.

5. Check your color coordination. If you are going to buy Brazilian swimwear; make sure you accessorize appropriately. From beach towels to beach totes, you should have the foresight to order color-coordinated accessories to complete your beach or pool experience.